Volkswagen Polo 3 with 1994 for 2001 of release.
1. The general data
2. The engine
3. Greasing system
4. Cooling system
5. Systems of injection of fuel
6. Ignition system
7. Coupling
8. A mechanical transmission
8.1. Removal and transmission installation
8.2. Dismantling and check
8.2.1. Full dismantling of a transmission
8.2.2. Repair картера couplings
8.2.3. Removal of a primary and conducted shaft
8.2.4. Dismantling of a primary shaft
8.2.5. Dismantling of a conducted shaft
8.3. Check of details of a transmission
8.4. Transmission assemblage
8.5. Differential
8.6. The gear change mechanism
9. A drive of wheels
10. A steering without the amplifier
11. A steering with the hydraulic amplifier
12. A forward suspension bracket
13. A back suspension bracket
14. Brake system
15. An electric equipment
16. Heating and ventilation system
17. An automatic transmission
18. Appendices


8.2.1. Full dismantling of a transmission

Fig. 160. The details of the fifth transfer which are settling down under a cover of a transmission: 1 — a bolt, 8 Нм; 2 — a transmission cover; 3 — a lining; 4 — sliding муфта, the fifth transfer; 5 — a switching plug, the fifth transfer; 6 — a clamp (or a persistent ring); 7 — a synchronizer nave; 8 — a synchronizer ring; 9 – a gear wheel, the fifth transfer; 10 — the needle bearing; 11 — the basic plug; 12 — an adjusting washer

Fig. 161. Details картера transmissions and картера couplings: 1 — a bolt, 25 Нм; 2 — приводной a flange, right; 3 — a spring; 4 — an adjusting washer; 5 — a conic ring; 7 — a bolt, 25 Нм; 6 — картер couplings; 8 — a gear wheel of a drive of a speedometer; 9 — the directing plug; 10 — differential; 11 — a magnet; 12 — an adjusting pin; 13 — a conic ring; 14 — an adjusting washer; 15 — a spring; 16 — приводной a flange; 17 — a bolt, 25 Нм; 18 — a persistent ring; 19 — a gear wheel, the fifth transfer; 20 — картер transmissions; 21 — an adjusting pin

On fig. 160 and 161 details картера transmissions are shown. Below-mentioned instructions concern the given drawings.
For transmission dismantling it is necessary to execute the following:
- To merge трансмиссионное oil. To insert the head established on an adapter into one of apertures on приводном a flange and to lean a screw-driver about a bolt, as is shown in fig. 162. To turn away a bolt. Both flanges turn away equally;

Fig. 162. Fixing of a flange of a transmission at unscrewing of bolts

- To remove приводные flanges with картера boxes for what to arrange under a flange two shovels used for dismantle of tyres. Pay attention that the left and right flanges differ from each other on length and have different marks. A flange in картере transmissions (left-hand side) — shorter;
- To remove on both parties a spring 15 (fig. 161 see), an adjusting washer 14 and a conic ring 13. Бурт a conic ring it is turned towards an adjusting washer;
- Using fig. 160, to turn away three bolts of 1 back cover 2 and to remove a lining 3;
- Gear change finger to fix on a shaft of management and to include the fifth transfer. For this purpose to take away inside draught of a plug of switching of a transmission and to develop it to the left;

Fig. 163. Removal of a plug of a gear change: 1 — a nut; 2 — a plug bolt

- It agree fig. 163 to weaken a counternut 1 under a switching plug and to turn away a bolt 2 with a spherical head. To remove a plug 5 (fig. 160 see) inclusions of the fifth transfer together with sliding муфтой 4;
- Again to establish sliding муфту on a synchronizer nave;

Fig. 164. Removal of details of a gear wheel of the fifth transfer (to block transfers according to arrows 1, 2 and 3)

- To turn away a bolt And (fig. 164) for a gear wheel of the fifth transfer. For this purpose to include the fifth transfer (the marksman 1), and also the second transfer. For inclusion of the second transfer to repeat movements on arrows 2 and 3;
- Again to remove a nave of switching for the fifth transfer and to switch off the second transfer;
- To remove a clamp 6 (fig. 160 see). The persistent ring Here can be established. At assemblage it is possible to replace a clamp with a spring lock ring of the corresponding size. The clamp or a spring lock ring are in a place specified in fig. 165;

Fig. 165. Fixing of a nave of the synchronizer on a shaft by means of a persistent ring (arrow)

- To establish a stripper under a gear wheel 9 fifth transfers and to remove a nave 7 synchronizers with a gear wheel;
- To remove the needle bearing 10;
- To establish a screw-driver under an adjusting washer 12 for a gear wheel of the fifth transfer and to remove from a shaft a washer together with the basic plug 11 needle bearings;
- To remove a spring lock ring 21 (fig. 161 see) and to remove a gear wheel 20 fifth transfers from a shaft. A gear wheel to wring out or by means of two screw-drivers established on two parties opposite each other, or a corresponding stripper. To pay attention: скос gear wheels should be turned towards the conic roller bearing;
- To compress by means of nippers 166 spring ring specified in fig. and to take out it

Fig. 166. Removal of a spring ring

- To turn away bolts картера couplings from картера transmissions;
- To remove картер couplings. Two adjusting pins are inserted into condensing surface and, probably, it is required to put some blows by a rubber hammer to divide картер on two parts. Other variant: to beat out adjusting pins бородком through картер;
- To take out differential;

Fig. 167. Removal of a condensing stopper sideways transmissions

- To take out sealing stoppers from a transmission lateral face. They are taken out with the help киянки. On fig. 167 it is shown, how the tool is established. Instead of the tool 771/38 it is possible to screw bolt М7х35 mm. For this purpose it is necessary to cut a head of a bolt and to execute скос in a carving, to tighten the prorate 771/15;
- To remove a shaft of the mechanism of a gear change. If it is required, to use small beards according to fig. 168;

Fig. 168. Выбивание бородком a shaft of the mechanism of a gear change

Fig. 169. Removal of a finger of a gear change: 1 — a finger; 2 — the console

- To take out a spring (the place specified by an arrow on fig. 169), 1 gear changes being between a finger and the switching console 2 (fig. 169) and to remove a gear change finger. Under it there is a bolt keeping switching console and the plug;
- To disconnect the switch of lanterns of a backing. Nearby there are three bolts of fastening of transfer of a backing. To turn away these bolts;
- To remove draughts of plugs of inclusion of the fifth transfer and a backing, and also the lever of inclusion of a backing, using fig. 170;

Fig. 170. Removal of draughts of plugs of a gear change: 1 — draught of a plug of inclusion of the fifth transfer; 2 — draught of a plug of inclusion of a backing; 3 — the lever of inclusion of a backing

Fig. 171. Removal of shaft of a transmission: 1 — a shaft of transfer of a backing; 2 — a backing gear wheel; 3 — draught of a plug of switching of the first/second transfer; 4 — a conducted shaft; 5 — a primary shaft; 6 — draught of a plug of switching of the third/fourth transfer

- At performance of the following operation to use fig. 171. At first to beat out a shaft of 1 transfer of a backing. Then to take out from картера transmissions the primary shaft 5, a conducted shaft 4, draught of 3 plugs of switching of the first/second of transfers, draught of 6 plugs of switching of the third/fourth transfer, a gear wheel of 2 inclusions of a backing and a shaft 1.

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