Volkswagen Polo 3 with 1994 for 2001 of release.
1. The general data
2. The engine
3. Greasing system
4. Cooling system
5. Systems of injection of fuel
5.1. Measures on cleanliness maintenance at works on injection system
5.2. Security measures at works with injection system
5.3. Adjustment of idling and the maintenance WITH
5.4. Check of details of system of injection Mono-Motronic
5.5. A cable of management throttle заслонкой
5.6. System of catching of steams of fuel
5.7. Check and replacement of the fuel pump
5.8. The fuel filter
5.9. System of injection of design Magnetti–Marelli 1 AV (since 1996)
5.10. System of injection of fuel Motronic МР 9.0 (since 1996)
6. Ignition system
7. Coupling
8. A mechanical transmission
9. A drive of wheels
10. A steering without the amplifier
11. A steering with the hydraulic amplifier
12. A forward suspension bracket
13. A back suspension bracket
14. Brake system
15. An electric equipment
16. Heating and ventilation system
17. An automatic transmission
18. Appendices


5. Systems of injection of fuel

System of the central injection of fuel Mono-Motronic, already known on models Golf, till the end of 1995 established on all engines of models Polo. The system together with ignition system copes the electronic block according to the arriving data about temperature of air and a cooling liquid, dispersal, to loading etc. the self-diagnostics system is built in system Mono-Motronic. At malfunction occurrence in controllable perceiving elements, gauges or other components it is fixed by a memory and can be precisely defined by means of inquiry. Service centre Volkswagen uses a special tester for this purpose. Even if the engine does not work, there is a possibility at проворачивании the engine a starter to reveal a cause of defect.

Fig. 110. Basic elements of system of injection Mono-Motronic in подкапотном space: 1 — the switching valve for an absorber; 2 — the detonation gauge (only ADX, AEA); 3 — an injector; 4 — a regulator of temperature for heating of let in air; 5 — the block of management of system Mono-Motronic; 6 — a servomotor of a corner of moving throttle заслонки with the idling switch; 7 — an electric socket; 8 — a regulator of pressure of fuel; 9 — an injector with the gauge of temperature of let in air; 10 — a potentiometer of position throttle заслонки; 11 — the ignition coil; 12 — the ignition distributor; 13 — a contact socket with four contacts; 14 — the central electric connector; 15 — the gauge of temperature of a cooling liquid; 16 — a junction with "weight"; 17 — a spark plug, 25 Нм; 18 — the air filter; 19 — an absorber

On fig. 110 the motor compartment with the details of system Mono-Motronic located in it is shown. In drawing the air filter is not presented.
Idling and the maintenance WITH in the given system electronics completely operates, no options can be spent without the special device. The maintenance WITH also is regulated automatically, under the information from the ljambda-gauge. Malfunctions in system come to light system of self-diagnostics and are registered by a memory. Thus, idling and the maintenance WITH can be supervised, but the tester is necessary for the control of the maintenance WITH.
From the beginning of 1996 engines equip with new systems of injection of fuel. Initial system Mono-Motronic is kept only in the engine in volume of 1,0 l. And though the new engine in volume of 1,4 l is equipped till now with injection and ignition Motronic system, now this system of the distributed injection has designation Motronic M.P.9.O. At the distributed injection fuel is injected directly ahead of the inlet valve of each cylinder, the best distribution of a gas mixture in a combination to rather low values of pressure of injection therefore is reached.
In new engines the new system всасывания air is used also. Its feature — the inlet collector made of fibreglass.
Since 1996 on the engine in volume of 1,6 l establish new system of injection in a combination with system of ignition of manufacture of firm Magnetti-Marelli which is designated 1 AV.

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5.1. Measures on cleanliness maintenance at works on injection system