Volkswagen Polo 3 with 1994 for 2001 of release.
1. The general data
1.1. New generation of cars Polo since 1995 of release
1.2. Car identification
1.3. The general recommendations about repair
1.4. Working conditions and the tool
1.5. Instructions on use of an automobile jack and other adaptations at a car raising
1.6. Car maintenance service
1.7. Lubricants, hermetics
1.8. Work with carving connections
2. The engine
3. Greasing system
4. Cooling system
5. Systems of injection of fuel
6. Ignition system
7. Coupling
8. A mechanical transmission
9. A drive of wheels
10. A steering without the amplifier
11. A steering with the hydraulic amplifier
12. A forward suspension bracket
13. A back suspension bracket
14. Brake system
15. An electric equipment
16. Heating and ventilation system
17. An automatic transmission
18. Appendices


1.3. The general recommendations about repair

The text of the given repair manual supplied with drawings, differs simplicity of a statement and is readily available for understanding. At consecutive performance of operations there should not be a difficulty with repair carrying out. In the end of a management specifications and the inhaling moments are resulted.

To exclude possible errors at the repair, the given information should correspond to your model of the car.
In certain cases at the description of repair work preparatory operations are not mentioned, such as «to Open a car cowl» before the beginning of works with the engine or «to Turn away a nut of fastening of wheels» before work with brakes, but their performance is supposed without fail.
At the same time in the text difficult operations are in detail resulted.

At performance of repair work it is necessary to observe following rules:
- Bolts and nuts before their use should be cleared of pollution and to cover with a thin layer of greasing. Surfaces of nuts and a carving should be supervised constantly on presence of damages and to delete agnails if they are found out. If there are any doubts it is necessary to use new bolts or nuts. The self-stopped nuts subjected отворачиванию, it is necessary to replace necessarily;
- Observe the moments of an inhaling specified in the appendix;
- At assemblage all sealing washers and rings of round section, a lining, lock washers, шплинты are subject to replacement. Are subject to replacement and sealing cuffs if the shaft was taken out from a sealing ring. Before assemblage it is necessary to cover working edges of a cuff with plastic lubricant. It is necessary to pay attention to that working edges at installation have been directed to that party, whence there can be a leak of oil or plastic lubricant;
- At performance of works from below the car it is necessary to provide a reliable support of the hung out car. The automobile jack is intended only for replacement of wheels in a way. During repair it should be used only for a car raising then the car should be lowered on corresponding assembly support. Similar support-tripods for safety it is necessary to have under the car and when the garage lift is used. As supports it is not necessary to use bricks, in case of need it is possible to use hollow blocks because of them большей a basic surface, but in this case between them and the car it is necessary to put boards of a sufficient thickness;

At a detachment of a wire from the storage battery the information from memory of electronic devices is erased. Therefore check up, whether there is at you a radio receiver code. Use of the faulty tool leading in most cases to traumas or damage of nuts, bolts and so forth is inadmissible

- Plastic lubricants, fuel, oils, anticorrosive structures have aggressive influence on rubber details of the chassis and brake system. Contact to them is especially pernicious for details of hydraulic system. At repair of brake system it is necessary to use only a brake liquid or ethyl spirit. Be cautious: the brake liquid is poisonous and corrodes, for example, paint and varnish coverings;
- For repair it is necessary to use manufacturer spare parts. Exceptions are only details of an electric equipment or a detail with the manufacturer certificate;
- At the order of spare parts it is necessary to specify the exact name of model of the car and chassis number, and in case of need number of the engine and year of manufacturing. It accelerates performance of the order and excludes reception of the details which are not corresponding to your model;
- On the car, especially on brake system, the steering mechanism and a suspension bracket, it is necessary to spend all works especially carefully as traffic safety depends on it.

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