Volkswagen Polo 3 with 1994 for 2001 of release.
1. The general data
2. The engine
3. Greasing system
4. Cooling system
5. Systems of injection of fuel
6. Ignition system
7. Coupling
8. A mechanical transmission
9. A drive of wheels
10. A steering without the amplifier
10.1. Removal and steering dismantling
10.2. Adjustment люфта the steering mechanism
10.3. A steering column
10.4. Cross-section steering draughts
10.5. Adjustment of forward wheels
10.5.1. A convergence of wheels
10.5.2. Disorder
10.5.3. A longitudinal inclination of an axis of turn of wheels
10.5.4. A differential corner of a track at turn of wheels
11. A steering with the hydraulic amplifier
12. A forward suspension bracket
13. A back suspension bracket
14. Brake system
15. An electric equipment
16. Heating and ventilation system
17. An automatic transmission
18. Appendices


10.5. Adjustment of forward wheels

Adjustment of forward wheels (geometry of the steering mechanism) spend at the equipped weight (the fuel tank is completely filled, the spare wheel, the complete set of the tool and an automobile jack are in the car). Before to carry out any control, to check up, that spherical hinges of steering draughts and cross-section levers of a suspension bracket had no люфтов and were in a good condition. Measurements should be spent by means of the optical tool, but it is possible to take advantage and good mechanical devices.

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10.4. Cross-section steering draughts
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10.5.1. A convergence of wheels