Volkswagen Polo 3 with 1994 for 2001 of release.
1. The general data
2. The engine
3. Greasing system
4. Cooling system
5. Systems of injection of fuel
6. Ignition system
6.1. The general data
6.2. Safety measures at work on ignition system
6.3. The high voltage transformer
6.4. The ignition distributor
6.5. Installation of the moment of ignition
6.6. Spark plugs
7. Coupling
8. A mechanical transmission
9. A drive of wheels
10. A steering without the amplifier
11. A steering with the hydraulic amplifier
12. A forward suspension bracket
13. A back suspension bracket
14. Brake system
15. An electric equipment
16. Heating and ventilation system
17. An automatic transmission
18. Appendices


6.1. The general data

Depending on the established system of injection in system of electronic control engine work uses the systems of ignition a little different from each other. They work or together with system Mono-Motronic, Motronic M.P. 9.0 or Magnetti-Marelli 1 AV.
Some knots connected with system of ignition, are mentioned in section 5 of "System of injection of fuel.
The ignition system works with the ignition switch, the ignition coil (the high voltage transformer) and the ignition distributor which does not have contacts, the spark on spark plugs is distributed by the Hall gauge. Ignition together with injection is regulated by the general electronic block of management. Electronic knots ignition system do not require under repair.
At occurrence of any malfunctions at operation of the engine they are registered by a memory. Before repair of system of ignition it is necessary to interrogate the given device. For this purpose it is used corresponding штекерная колодка. This work should be spent in automobile repair shop.
The detonation gauge in system of injection of fuel promotes definition of the moment of ignition. Optimum performance of system of ignition depends on a concrete condition of the engine. Cleanliness of rotation кленчатого an engine shaft, its temperature and loading on the engine (for example, the lowered pressure in an inlet collector and position throttle заслонки) are the important factors defining work of a regulator of an advancing of ignition.
For definition of the correct characteristic of work of the engine trial runs at which receive the best indicators under the fuel expense, emission of harmful substances and road performance are spent. This data is entered then as standard managements into the block.
At receipt of the data in an engine operating time in the management block last can define on the basis of family of characteristics actual at present time a working condition of the engine and modify the ignition moment. He can to fluctuate, for example, between 0 and 10 to ВМТ.
The ignition distributor is established at an end face of a head of the block of cylinders and put in action by a camshaft. The ignition distributor is equipped by the gauge of the Hall not demanding maintenance service. Last is supplied by a magnet and fixed on a shaft роторной a diaphragm. It defines through the block of management the moment of deenergizing and inclusion of a current of the coil of ignition, and consequently, and the ignition moment. The ignition coil, a control mean are placed together. The losses of pressure connected usually with presence of electroconducting between elements of the scheme, here are excluded thanks to direct installation.
The central wire of a high voltage of the coil of ignition is connected to the central contact of the distributor of ignition. The current through a rotor of the distributor of the ignition, rotating over four segments in a cover separating the breaker from the distributor, is brought on high-voltage wires to corresponding spark plug.

Fig. 125. A kind of the distributor of ignition and the coil ignitions (system Mono-Motronic): 1 — a wire for connection with the case; 2 — a contact socket; 3 — a nut, 10 Нм; 4 — the target cascade for the high voltage transformer (N157); 5 — the high voltage transformer (N152); 6 — помехоподавляющий the resistor, 0,6–1,4 clod; 7 — rotary blocking; 8 — a shielding cover; 9 — a cover for branch of the breaker from the distributor; 10 — a rotor of the distributor of ignition (R1); 11 — a dustproof cover; 12 — marks, the cylinder № 1; 13 — the distributor of ignition with the Hall gauge (G40); 14 — a sealing ring of round section (to replace always); 15 — a bolt, 20 Нм (to observe precisely); 16 — the detonation gauge, except for engines in volume of 1,0 l; 17 — a spark plug, 25 Нм; 18 — a wire tip to a spark plug; 19 — a high voltage wire

Fig. 126. The high voltage transformer in system of ignition Mono-Motronic

On fig. 125 details of system the ignitions established in system Mono-Motronic are shown, on fig. 126 the transformer of a high voltage of system Mono-Motronic is presented.

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6. Ignition system
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6.2. Safety measures at work on ignition system