Volkswagen Polo 3 with 1994 for 2001 of release.
1. The general data
2. The engine
3. Greasing system
4. Cooling system
5. Systems of injection of fuel
6. Ignition system
7. Coupling
8. A mechanical transmission
9. A drive of wheels
10. A steering without the amplifier
11. A steering with the hydraulic amplifier
12. A forward suspension bracket
13. A back suspension bracket
14. Brake system
15. An electric equipment
15.1. The storage battery
15.2. The generator
15.2.1. Safety measures at work with the generator
15.2.2. Check of the generator established in the car
15.2.3. Removal and installation
15.2.4. Adjustment of a tension of a belt
15.2.5. Repair of the generator of firm Bosch
15.3. A starter
15.4. Headlights
15.5. Antifog headlights
15.6. Windscreen screen wipers
15.7. Forward lanterns of indexes of turn
15.8. A back lantern
16. Heating and ventilation system
17. An automatic transmission
18. Appendices


15.2.5. Repair of the generator of firm Bosch

For generator dismantling it is necessary to execute following operations:

Fig. 320. Details of the generator of firm Bosch: 1 — a nut; 2 — a washer; 3 — a pulley, _ 74 mm; 4 — a remote washer; 5 — a washer; 6 — the fan; 7, 8, 22, 25, 31 — bolts; 9 — a bearing cover from outside a drive; 10 — the bearing from outside a drive; 11 — the holder of the bearing; 12 — a remote ring; 13 — segment шпонка; 14 — a rotor; 15 — the bearing from outside a contact ring; 16 — a plastic isolating washer; 17 — a washer; 18, 20 — spring washers; 19 — a washer; 21 — a nut, 16 Нм; 23 — помехоподавляющий the condenser; 24 — a washer; 26 — a regulator of pressure 27 — the generator case; 28 — the plastic plug; 29 — a plastic isolating washer; 30 — the block of diodes; 32 — статор

Fig. 321. Отворачивание the generator

- To turn away a nut 1 (fig. 320) from a shaft of a rotor and to remove from a shaft a pulley 3, and also the fan and a remote washer. The shaft at отворачивании can be fixed, for what on a pulley to establish old поликлиновый a belt and to clamp it in a vice, as is shown in fig. 321. It is possible to insert also a key with internal шестигранником into an end face of a shaft and to turn away a nut. For pulley removal it is necessary to use a stripper with two or three captures. It is necessary to remember that the established pulley is picked up specially for the given model of the engine;
- To take out from a shaft segment шпонку;
- To turn on and take out a regulator together with щеточным in knot;
- To mark a bearing cover from outside a drive and the case in opposite places and to unscrew from the case both coupling hairpins. To separate a back cover of the bearing from a forward cover. For this purpose a forward cover of the bearing it is possible easily обстучать a plastic hammer;

Fig. 322. Removal of a forward cover of the generator

- To establish a cover of the bearing and a rotor under a press and to remove a rotor a stripper with three captures, as is shown in fig. 322. At выпрессовке a rotor bolts of the holder of the bearing can be damaged. Therefore necessarily track that three captures were established under the holder of the bearing, and not just under a cover. If it is necessary to remove the bearing from a cover, it is necessary to turn away bolts from the inside and выпрессовать the bearing;
- To remove a stripper the bearing from the back end of a shaft of a rotor. At stripper use its captures are necessary for establishing under an internal ring of the bearing;
- отпаять the block of diodes from статора. For this purpose flat-nose pliers to grasp wires in a soldering place between статором and a soldering iron which will serve for heat removal. It is impossible to suppose, that diodes overheated.
Vyprjamitelnye diodes should be taken only corresponding special adaptations and in the presence of skills of work.
Check of brushes and щеткодержателя
To check up coal brushes on presence of good contact to contact rings. To check up mobility of brushes in directing, in case of need to clear щеткодержатель gasoline or solvent.

Fig. 323. Check выступания (H) brushes

If the brush is worn out to height of 5 mm (fig. 323) it is necessary to replace it.
The rotor control
If contact rings are polluted, they should be wiped the rags moistened with gasoline. At detection рисок they are necessary for removing, for what to use наждачную a skin of the smallest granularity. In case of strong deterioration of rings it is necessary to replace a rotor.

Fig. 324. A way of connection of an ohmmeter for check of windings of a rotor on short circuit on the case

For check of resistance of isolation of windings to put test щуп an ohmmeter to the rotor core, and another щуп to contact rings (fig. 324). If the indication does not correspond to "infinity" it is necessary to replace a rotor.

Fig. 325. The rotor control on short circuit or breakage

For the control of a winding of a rotor on current passage to put both щупа an ohmmeter to contact rings (fig. 325). The indication should be in limits from 2,8 to 3,0 Ohm. If the ohmmeter shows "infinity", there is a breakage in windings if 0 — there was a short circuit. At detection of any of these malfunctions it is necessary to replace a rotor (fig. 325).
Check статора

Fig. 326. Check of windings статора on short circuit: 1 — a set of plates; 2, 3, 4, 5 — conclusions of phases

Fig. 327. The control of windings статора on conductivity

At short circuit the damage place can be established visually on обгоранию windings. In other cases it is necessary to put one щуп an ohmmeter to "iron" — to a set 1 (fig. 326) plates, and another — serially to one of four conclusions of phases статора. The device should show "infinity". To check up статор on conductivity, to connect serially four conclusions of phases статора with each other. If resistance is not present, current passage is broken (fig. 327). The size of resistance of isolation should make 0,10–0,11 Ohm.
Check of diodes
Exact check of diodes concerning pressure пропускания and definitions of size of a blocking current can be spent only by means of a special tester, therefore check is recommended to be spent in car-care centre.
Generator assemblage
At assemblage it is necessary to use fig. 320. Before generator installation it is necessary to check up on the test bed in its electrorepair shop зарядную capacity, safety in operation, etc.

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